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Pinscher is a family owned and operated business catering to the Angus and Essa surrounding area. 


We are a father and son duo who take pride in the quality of our services and go the extra mile to provide an everlasting experience. 


From our own past experiences, we have been disappointed in the lawn care we received. We know of many others who have also had the same. With larger lawn care and exterior care companies, we felt they all had a hurried approach, and became frustrated with the customer service and hidden increased fees and/or services you never signed up for. We always felt more can be done, so we were inspired to start our own business and provide the level of service we expected for ourselves! 


We are transparent in what we offer, the products we use, and customize each project to your own specific needs. No hidden fees.


Why Pinscher? Well if you couldn't already tell, we are BIG dog lovers! We have a special place in our hearts for Dobermans (and Great Danes!) and recently lost a special member of our family named Thor. When we decided to start this company, we thought it would be a great way to honour his memory. 


In addition to the company's name, we also donate a portion of every project we do to the Doberman Rescue Ontario in his memory. We hope to raise awareness for such a great initiative! We encourage you to learn more about them, in order to understand why we do what we do. 


If you have any questions or want to learn more about us, please contact us! You can view all of our services here.


Please contact us to arrange a free quote! We look forward to working with our community and treating your home's exterior project as if it were our own!

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Serving Essa Township, New Lowell & Parts of Southwest Barrie, ON

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